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  • 1. Welcome to the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm

    Hello I’m Jimmy Carter. Welcome to the house and farm where I spent my youth. Here we had long working days, during those Depression years. We would wake up each morning when the bell would ring, about 4 o’clock sun time, which was long before sunrise. We didn’t have any electricity and we didn’t have running water in the house; we got water from hand pumps for both livestock and our own use. It was quite a change for us when electricity came. My daddy believed in everyone on the farm doing their share. Here in the back yard we had chicken and ducks and guinea hens that we had to feed and of course we to sweep the yards all the time. We also had to cut wood and bring it in the house for Mama to use on the stove and also the fireplaces to keep us warm. The hardest work, though, was in the field: I had to carry water in two-and-a-half gallon buckets to workers in the field on hot days, and when I got older of course I helped milk the cows. But I also had a lot of fun as a child – I played with my playmates who lived nearby, particularly whenever it rained and we couldn’t work in the field or after the crops were plowed and before the harvest. We pushed steel barrel hoops with a wire pusher, and in the nearby streams we went fishing regularly, we built small dams, we went swimming in the creeks, so we had a lot of fun around the house and barns, and also in the distant fields